Captain’s Log 20230128

Meeting Notes from 01/28/23:

Meeting started at approximately 1:05 pm

Members present: Laurie M; Jared F; Bernard D; Dee S; Virginia D; Eddie D; Gene G; Marsha and Earl B.

Members On Facebook: Elene G, Josef M, Cricket C, Michael R; Christine P.

  • Old Business
    • ABQ Comic Con – Follow-up
      • Mike joined us after meeting us at Con
      • Kept running out of cards! (Great problem to have)
      • Need more paperwork for the next Con
    • Report from Engineering
      • Website from Corps of Engineers – corrections sent to Randy
      • Need a list of props everyone is willing to bring to Cons – post to FB
    • Report from Conn
      • Jared is waiting for update from Tory about Trinity site trip
      • Jared offered to carpool to Troy’s birthday party on 1/29/23, also.
    • Report from Medical
      • Christine is willing to set up CPR Training for the group
      • Josef can teach CPR – just need to work with Christine to set up – will connect up on FB
    • No Report from Ops
    • Report from Sciences
      • Marsha is ready to work on volunteer projects
      • Will review our charities and work on a list of events
      • Mike would like us to consider Bowl for Kid’s Sake (Santa Fe at Alley DeVargas on 4/13, 4/14, and 4/16)
    • Report from Tactical/MSG
      • Eddie’s working on the Gallantry Award/Leader’s Commendation, due 3/1
      • Eddie has applied to be the Brigade Commander
    • Report from Comms
      • Candidate Four of the Handbook is ready for a vote at next meeting
      • Old drafts will be deleted from the FB page
    • Group Apparel
      • Probably ready to order some shirts and patches
      • Virginia is willing to research prices for us
  • New Business
    • New Members
      • The ship is growing regularly; new FLEET members and transfers
      • It’s at least as important to have potential members join FB, so they can try us out before joining
      • Need to think of how to convert FB members to FLEET members
      • Laurie reported that FLEET memberships may increase in price next year, so encourage everyone who’s interested to join right away
    • Next Cons in the Area
      • NM Renaissance Fair – 3/24-3/26
      • Duke City Comic Con – 6/14-6/16
      • NM Comic Expo – 8/11-8/13
      • Bubonicon – 8/24-8/26

Meeting adjourned, approximately 2:00 pm.