Join the USS White Sands!

Welcome Aboard the USS White Sands!

Are you ready to embark on an intergalactic adventure filled with exploration, camaraderie, and community service? Look no further – the USS White Sands invites you to join our diverse crew of Sci-Fi enthusiasts! Whether you’re a seasoned Star Trek fan, a Whovian, a 501’ster, or simply a lover of all things Sci-Fi, there’s a place for you on our ship.

USS White Sands

On the local level, the USS White Sands is more than a fan club – it’s a vibrant community right here in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Metro area. Our crew gathers for a variety of enjoyable activities, from movie nights and supporting members in plays to attending conventions, museums, and outdoor events. We explore the galaxy together, have fun, and forge friendships that last a lifetime.

STARFLEET International (SFI)

Beyond our local adventures, the USS White Sands is proud to be a part of STARFLEET International, the world’s oldest Star Trek fan organization. STARFLEET provides resources that enrich our experience, from a fantastic set of membership materials and a regularly-published newsletter to opportunities like STARFLEET Academy, the STARFLEET Marine Corps, and much more. As a member, you’re not just joining a local fan club; you’re becoming part of a global community of fans who share the dream of Gene Roddenberry.

What You Can Expect

Local Activities

Join us for movie nights, away missions, conventions, and a host of other local activities. Whether you’re into costuming or just love a good Star Trek T-shirt, there’s a place for you in our crew.

Service and Outreach

Make a positive impact in our local community by participating in volunteer missions. We support causes like Roadrunner Food Bank, Joy Junction, The American Heart Association, US Marine Corps Toys for Tots, and more.

Ready to Join the Adventure?


Everyone is welcome to participate in USS White Sands activities, whether or not you’re a member of STARFLEET International (SFI). We encourage you to consider joining STARFLEET using the form below. Our dedicated Command Staff will assist with registration and help match you to a ship department aligned with your preferences.

Interested in Coming Aboard?

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