Captain’s Log 20221210

Meeting started at approximately 5:05 pm

Members present: Laurie M; Jared F; Bernard D; Dee S; Cricket C and her husband, Nathan; Troy S and his son, Tyler.

Members Zooming in: Gene G, Elene G, Eddie D, Christine P.

Friends/Potential Members present: Sage C, Carrie C.

Also: Randy M of STARFLEET Corps of Engineers

  • Zoom Members were unable to see us; Laurie has reminded everyone that she still needs technical help!
  • Old Business
    • Website from Corps of Engineers
      • Randy gave us an update: it’s ready for previews/editing
      • Suggestions so far:
        • Change out the picture of Janeway for our avatars
        • Add a link to SFI and one to SFA
      • Please send any suggestions to Dee on FB or email
    • Still lots of available Ship Positions!
      • Elene will think about whether Medical or Counseling is more comfortable
      • Troy will take Ops and organize our Away Missions (more on that in another section)
    • Toys for Tots
      • Marines picked up last Thursday – 104 total toys (Ettin had a few more and emailed Laurie who was happy to pick them up)
      • Ettin Games was happy to work with us and would love to keep a bin all season next year.  Bernard volunteered to pick up whenever they needed it since he lives so close to the store
      • If we want an additional/different location, we’ll need to plan earlier next year
    • FLEET v. KAG Food & Toy Drive
      • Toys for Tots has been reported
      • Please report your individual giving
      • Food in pounds and ounces, number of toys, and amount of any money
      • If no exact figure for food, Laurie recommended just giving a best guess for amounts
    • Group Apparel
      • Probably ready to order some shirts and patches
      • Christine recommended we check Etsy for patches
      • Elene recommended Red Bubble for shirts
      • We’ll check at next meeting and see if anyone has interest in working on; if not, Laurie will have time to check then
    • ABQ Comic Con
      • Earl sent out a feeler, but had no response
      • Carrie says that she knows some of the folks who run it and will be happy to see if she can get us a fan table
      • Laurie will check in with her and Troy to be sure that we’re on
    • Next MURP
      • Guy has been trying to report, but is getting no response
      • Laurie reminded everyone that any contact with upper levels of ‘FLEET will be changing due to election season, so if you need something from FLEET, be patient and maybe try to contact in January
  • New Business
    • Away Missions
      • Troy is happy to start work on organizing Away Missions, and will be our Ops officer as soon as we can get his membership reactivated (Laurie will check with Bran about it)
      • Troy had handout with Away Missions for 2023 – all sounded great to the group
      • Troy’s not yet back on FB, so Laurie will post his email to the FB group so that anyone can send suggestions/ideas to him for this upcoming year
    • Region 17 – RC Election
      • Laurie has announced her intention to run for RC to the FLEET IG
      • Ship needs to nominate her, but she can’t do that; Laurie will email Bernard with requirements and the IG’s email address to send in the White Sands’ vote
    • New Members
      • The ship is growing regularly; new FLEET members and transfers
      • It’s at least as important to have potential members join FB, so they can try us out before joining
      • Everyone should be able to invite friends to the page; if not, please let Laurie know and she’ll get them invited
      • Laurie reported that FLEET memberships may increase in price next year, so encourage everyone who’s interested to join right away

Meeting adjourned, approximately 6:00 pm.