USS White Sands, NCC-75027

Our Mission

Our continuing mission: To trek across the 505 and 575; To explore new genres, timelines, and opportunities; To lend a hand in the community we call home; To look towards the past to find a better future.

History of the USS White Sands

The genesis of the USS White Sands, NCC-75027, took root at the 2022 Albuquerque Comic Con. Founding members CAPT Bernard Dacey, COMM Earl Beighley, and BGN David Reustle ignited the spark of an idea during discussions about forming a new STARFLEET Chapter in the area. With Albuquerque lacking a STARFLEET presence for approximately 7 years, the time had come to bring STARFLEET back to the region.

Enter FCAPT Laurie McFarland and LT Jared Francis, contacted by Beighley. A lunch meeting in February gathered the original five members, where the decision was made to launch a new vessel in the Albuquerque area—the USS White Sands, a Sovereign-class vessel in the 2370s. The White Sands embarked on its shakedown cruise as an NX ship on February 21 and swiftly reached the required minimum of 10 members by March 12.

The official commissioning of the USS White Sands NCC-75027 took place on August 27, 2022, at Bubonicon 53, an event transcending borders as its transmission reached all the way to the UK.

As a newly commissioned ship with a growing membership, the USS White Sands achieved another milestone on September 24, 2022, by becoming the proud recipient of the STARFLEET Corps of Engineers Website Design Project.

Sovereign-class Deck Schematics

Embark on this cosmic journey with the USS White Sands, where the spirit of Star Trek unites us in exploration, camaraderie, and community service. Join us as we navigate the stars and create a future inspired by the legacy of the past.