Captain’s Log 20221008

Meeting started at approximately 1:15 pm

Members present: Laurie M, Jared F, Earl B, Marsha B, Bernard D, Dee S.

Members Zooming in: Elene G.

Guests Present: Troy S and Carrie.

  • Zoom Members
    • Elene happy to join us from a distance – didn’t realize she might have been able to come until too late
  • Guest Info
    • Troy
      • Reactivating membership – Laurie gave his SCC #
      • January birthday – screening ST6:TUC at Guild Cinema in Nob Hill – group invited!
  • Old Business
    • STARFLEET Election Season – reminder to vote if you haven’t yet
    • Website from Corps of Engineers
      • Questionnaire filled out by CS at end of meeting
      • Dee volunteered to work with the Corps for site
      • Discussed making tribbles for some finances
    • Handbook updated and posted to webpage – hardcopy to be updated soon!
    • Still lots of available Ship Positions and the CO needs help!  
    • Aaron’s Service
      • Promotion to CAPT has come through
      • Laurie reported his loss to FLEET Memorial Wall
      • Service is October 15th at 11:00am at Strong-Thorne Mortuary at 1100 Coal Ave. SE
      • Please remember to wear a uniform if you go – Earl and Marsha are making more badge bands to wear over communicators (Laurie has an extra, too)
    • Walk for Breast Cancer
      • October 29th at 9:00am at Balloon Fiesta Park
      • Dee will register the group; wear a comfy Trek shirt if you have one!
    • Toys for Tots
      • Marines have approved our collection and will deliver paraphernalia to Laurie’s house
      • Laurie will check with the Target on I-25 and Paseo as our preferred spot for collection
      • Planning on collecting from 8am to 1pm on November 25th, 26th, and 27th
      • Uniform of the day: Star Trek on Friday, Star Wars on Saturday, and Any Costumes on Sunday
  • New Business
    • Remaining Business Meetings this year
      • November 26th
        • set for 3pm at Laurie’s house for regrouping after Toys for Tots
        • Laurie can pick up food on the way back to the house so we can have a good meal, rest and meet
      • December
        • Would be December 24th on our current schedule
        • Set for December 10th, Laurie needs to set later – make it 4pm?
    • Fun Meeting in November
      • Attend the Mousetrap at the Adobe theater (see Mike in play!
      • Set for November 5th; we’ll need to get tickets on-line, but no requirement to get them at the same time
    • Next MURP to complete for MSG (Guy wants to know)
      • Earl suggested Aerospace and Aeromedical due to MSG’s recommended specialties
    • Ship Readiness Certifications
      • Similar to MURPs, but on the FLEET side
      • If Laurie has time, she will do some research to figure out what to do

Meeting adjourned, approximately 2:00 pm.